December 2014 : Limited Edition : Coffrets Trios of Teas 'Grands Crus"

December 2014 : Limited Edition : Coffrets Trios of Teas 'Grands Crus"

For the end of the year celebrations I would like to share with you two different tea boxes in a limited edition originating from my “Best of”-list. I created this list during my travels and encounters in and around the world of tea during the last 20 years.

To start this limited edition I present you the two largest tea varieties of the international market. The red tea, better known as black tea in the Occident, and the green tea represent more than 60% and 20% of the world tea production respectively.

You will be able to choose in between a “Trio of Red Tea” and a “Trio of Green Tea”. In addition you will find my booklet „Plaisirs du Thé“ including a specific tea tasting notebook and an additional sample of my latest tea creation in each box. Furthermore I will provide a detailed description of the origins and specifics of each of the selected teas.

Trio of Green Teas - 68€

You will find the origins of the traditional green tea production with a first “cru” of the Middle  Kingdom, a second selected “cru” from the Land of the Morning Calm and a third “cru” originating from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Trio of Red Teas - 68€

This journey will lead you in three steps debarking from the cradle of tea, called the Middle Kingdom, continuing to the Land of the Morning Calm to end at a selection from the Teardrop of India.

How to order your tea box

Each tea box is available for purchase for 68 Euros (shipping costs included within France). It contains 2 x 35 g and 1 x 40 g of “grand cru” teas for a total amount of 110 g (3.88 oz). In addition you will find a copy of my booklet „Pleasures of tea“ to facilitate and guide you in your tea tastings and note taking.

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