Ilgora green tea
Ilgora green tea

Ilgora green tea

Green tea, Basque Country

This green tea from an autumn 2023 harvest was produced in Ustaritz in the heart of the Northern Basque Country in the Pyrenean foothills by Mikel Esclamadon who created Ilgora herriko tea in 2020. Herriko means "from the country" in Basque, because for Mikel one of the motivations for his tea project is to offer the Basques local tea, it is also to enrich the agricultural diversity that the Basque Country offers, to prove that it is possible to make a living from 1Ha of land, and to reconcile agriculture and biodiversity. Currently its tea garden includes some 5,500 tea trees.

In the cup, it is a velvety tea with yellow liquor with slightly green reflections, supple tannins and fresh, gently woody vegetal notes.

Prioritize preparation for gong fu cha leaving 2-3 min during the first pass of water, then extend the time by 1-2 min over the passes.

Harvest date: October 2023

Very limited quantity!

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