Comptoirs Richard

Comptoirs Richard

For the full leaf loose teas and herbal teas sold in the  7 shops in Paris

  1. Audit of the ranges :
    • relevance of the ranges : organoleptic quality and consistancy of the ranges
    • consistancy of prices and gain margin points
  2. Sourcing for new teas and herbal teas (especially for the creation of a new organic herbal tea range promoted in march 2011)
  3. Creating perfumed and non perfumed blends for teas and herbal teas
  4. Creating and writing the tea and herbal tea catalogs
  5. Training of sales teams
  6. Follow-up of the ranges


For the teas and herbal teas bags sold in the 7 shops in Paris and for the HORECA sector

  1. Organoleptic audit of the tea bag range and improvement of the perfumed blends
  2. Development of the blends for the new herbal tea in bag range promoted at EquipHotel Exhibition in november 2010
  3. Writing text for the new herbal tea in bag range labels
  4. Writing text for the herbal tea menu for the HORECA customer

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