Atelier Pu er


Atelier Pu er

Le jeudi 4 juillet

Olivier Schneider

Olivier Schneider has lived between China, Thailand and Taiwan for over 15 years. He is THE French Pu er specialist.

Together with Lydia, he will be hosting a tasting session devoted to this age-old tea, on Thursday July 4th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at our workshop, 2 rue des Tanneries, 75013 Paris. Understanding and tasting Pu er requires time. First of all, time to mature, which is the value of Pu er and its vintages. We'll be tasting Pu er from the same terroir, but of different ages, to get a better grasp of this aging process, like a wine vertical.

This exploration will begin with a Pu er mao cha just harvested in the spring of 2024 by the O Yang family, from the village of Nanmei in Yunnan, with whom Olivier has been collaborating for several years. We'll gradually go back in time with tastings up to the year 2014, tasting 7 vintages of different ages.

We'll also delve into the daily life of the O Yang family with the screening of a magnificent documentary produced by Olivier.

We close the evening with an exceptional vintage wine: a historic Pu er 30 years old.

A unique and profound experience not to be missed.