The expertise of Lydia Gautier and her team

For the past twenty years, I have traveled the world respecting the living and valuing the work of producers.

In China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam or Nepal, I source in famous plantations, as well as in more confidential gardens. The criteria that matter to me are organoleptic quality (nose, taste, texture), as well as environmental and societal issues. The crops must be grown in a sustainable way, in order to protect the terroir and to pay the employees fairly.

Back at my workshop, I elaborate blends by calling upon my memories, the flavor of a dish, the smell of a plantation, a place, ... I then assemble the tea with other ingredients: plants, flowers, spices, seaweed.

In this search for taste and composition, I accompany great houses in the world of hotels, restaurants, delicatessen and luxury who entrust me with the creation of their menu, their blends, the training of their teams or the creation of events around tea. Writing also serves this transmission, as I am the author of a dozen reference books including Portraits de Thés, Thés et Mets : Subtiles alliances, Le thé : arômes et saveurs du Monde, 1001 Secrets sur le Thé

Connected to the needs of tea lovers and professionals, I offer tools for awakening, discovery and pleasure around these "Teas & Herbal Teas by Authors". The range of tea colors allows you to choose your tea according to your desires and the moment. From the plantation to the infusion, I am happy, with my team, to offer you this collection of which we are the authors with the producers.

My online store also reveals the talents of Rebecca Rübcke for the magnificent tea macros, of Jean-François Mallet for the tasty photos where tea meets French gastronomy, of Martin Portevin for the refined design, and of Caroline Mignot for the editorial support.

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