Creative process

I work on each of my creations in an artisanal way, by assembling plants and natural flavors. They are always botanical discoveries and terroirs of the world.

The tea and the plants are the aromatic raw material. I select them carefully according to their sensory profile, their origin, their history, their cultivation method. I often start from an idea of composition that I imagine thanks to odorous, gastronomic memories, ... that I could smell in nature, in a dish, in a perfume or in a place.

I compose by assembling plants and teas in a very iterative way, smelling and tasting until I arrive at a balanced and typical bouquet in which each ingredient finds its place, expresses its virtue and its specificity.
Natural products make the flavors more alive and less caricatured than artificial flavors.
Innovation also comes from the association of atypical plants that reveal themselves during the infusion: spices, flowers, seeds, seaweed...

The creation of natural blends is an ancestral tradition in the world of tea. It is being renewed in France, the country of gastronomy, and I am happy to be part of it.

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