La famille Zhang


The Zhang family

The Zhang family lives in Zhejiang Province at the foot of Mount Jing, a mountain range famous for producing the famous green tea Jing Shan Cha, literally Jing Mountain Tea.

The story goes that Jing Shan Cha and its mountain are the origin of the introduction of tea in Japan during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), as Japanese monks lived there to learn Chan (which becomes Zen in Japan) Buddhism, and they also discovered tea, which was prepared as matcha tea at that time, and introduced Buddhism and tea when they returned to Japan.

They are all 4, the mother, the father, the son and the daughter-in-law to live of the exploitation of a forest of bamboo as well as a small garden of tea located in the heart of the Mount Jing.

Their garden is in fact "ecological" located on the side of the mountain, 1 hour walk through the bamboo forest before discovering this beautiful tea landscape free of pollution.

They harvest only in spring and are famous for producing a fresh and delicate green tea.

I discovered them thanks to Pascal Delot, a long time friend and source of small tea producers in China for more than 20 years.

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