The Arrieulat

Pyrenees Tea

Lucas Ben-Moura

Lucas is a child of Biarritz, attached to his Béarn and Bigourdanes origins.

With a passion for agriculture, he entered the AgroParisTech engineering school with the idea of working in the world of wine. It was during this course that he discovered the finer points of oenology, through numerous tastings and meetings with winemakers. At the same time, he discovered an equally rich and subtle world of tea.

And so began his peregrinations in Asia, from Laos to China, via Indonesia and Nepal. It was there that our paths crossed at the start of this tea journey, having "sponsored" his 1st project on tea in Laos.

Lucas began growing tea in his home region in 2018.

He planted 3,500 tea bushes on 5,000m2 of ideal terroir: an ancient terraced meadow surrounded by forest and crisscrossed by springs overlooking the Argelès-Gazost valley at the entrance to the Pyrenees, south of Lourdes, in a mild, humid microclimate.

He follows an agro-ecological cultivation method in an agro-forestry setting and produces white tea, black tea and a roasted twig tea with hojicha accents.

The first harvests will take place in spring 2023, and will consist of a few hundred grams, rising to 200kg per year by 2028.

And if you want to find out a little more, you can watch his interview (in French):

and visit his website: Thé Pyrénées