Silvia Vayiyana


Silvia Vayiyana

producer in the heart of the Ali Mountains in Taiwan

Silvia is a mixed race native of the Tsou tribe, and lives in a village in the heart of the high altitude tea appellation of the Ali Mountains, the Ali Shan.

She has managed to keep her father's land and to develop it with the cultivation of tea in sustainable agriculture.

Ali Shan is mostly known for its wulong teas, but Silvia, very creative, has tried, with the same cultivar, the Chin Shin, to manufacture other colors of tea.

I invite you to discover 3 of her teas in my store: Ali Shan Cha White "Nano", Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Anaiza" and Ali Shan Cha Red "Yunghu".

If you want to know more about Silvia, her village and her Tsou tribe, don't hesitate to watch this documentary: Être Tsou