Yubai et William Osmont


Yubai and William Osmont

Yubai and William run two family gardens between 1500m and 1600m altitude: an old garden with century-old tea bushes, and a younger one with 40-year-old tea bushes on average in the heart of the Jingmai mountains renowned for their pu er teas.

Yubai is originally from Jingmai, a Dai village located in the Jingmai Mountains in the south of Yunnnan Province, in Pu er County on the border of Xishuangbanna. And William, an agricultural engineer of French origin, met her in Jingmai and stayed to accompany her in this tea-making adventure.

They have a factory where they both process the tea from the 2 allotments, and they also buy leaves from other producers in the village.

I have been following them since 2011 and had the opportunity to visit them in 2019. Their artisanal knowledge, their sustainable management in the spirit of natural wines, the complementarity also in their couple really seduced me.

I invite you to discover 2 of their teas in my store: Pu er cru Sheng de Jingmai young trees, Pu er cru Sheng de Jingmai old trees.

Don't hesitate to visit their YouTube channel to learn more about the pu er and other teas produced in Jingmai as well as about Yubai and William's way of working: Farmer Leaf