Maté vert
Maté vert
Maté vert

Maté vert

Green mate, Paraguay

The mate or yerba mate is native of Paraguay, currently produced in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay where it is mostly consumed. Its name comes from the container in which it is traditionally drunk, which is a hollowed out gourd: mate.

Mate is a member of the holly family, from its Latin name Ilex paraguariensis. It is a shrub whose leaves are rich in theine and have so-called detox properties (draining, diuretic), with energizing and stimulating virtues.

This mate comes from a cooperative that works with a network of small producers in the department of Itapúa in Paraguay, the cradle and historical country of mate. It develops woody and licorice notes in the cup and can be enhanced with different aromatic plants such as sweet mint, verbena, lemongrass, rose ...

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