Direct sourcing

Direct sourcing is one of the main pillars of my work because tea is a story of women and men, of terroirs and rituals as rich as it is unique.

I select talented producers from around the world in exceptional terroirs. Each tea is an encounter, a gustatory but also human crush. For some of them, I went to the plantation and visited it several times. For others, I have established a long-standing relationship with the producer who sends me his samples every year.

My approach not only focuses on the organoleptic quality of the tea, but also on the sustainable dimension and the protection of the land and the craftsmanship of its manufacture. Finally, the fair value of the employees' remuneration and the equality between men and women are also important criteria in my choices.

This is why for each vintage, I reveal the backstage of the tea, of the terroir, of the producer, what is hidden behind each tea leaf, whether it comes from famous gardens in China, India, Sri Lanka or more confidential ones in Taiwan, Vietnam or Nepal.

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