Tea Professionals

Hospitality, catering and grocery professionals fine, let's build together a menu of teas and herbal teas adapted to your identity and to your customers.

Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants

The tea and herbal tea menu is a strong marker for hotel and restaurant establishments. It is a high-margin product and the selection of which can contribute to the identity of your establishment.

With the Lydia Gautier range, you will carry the values ​​of naturalness, traceability and gastronomy.
Defining your tea and herbal tea menu according to the spaces and times of the day, training the teams, ... are all services that you will find at the heart of our offer.

Tea room/Pastry

From my closeness to pastry chefs, I retain their interest in naturalness.

Select my blends of 100% natural plants, without aroma, combining tea, seeds, berries, flowers... to enhance your pastries but also to use them as an ingredient for your recipes in decoction, infusion, or jellies are two axes of my offer.

Taste, you will understand.


The delicatessen is the promise of a gourmet journey, the discovery of exceptional products, selected with passion and delicacy.

My range includes market must-haves, such as Earl Grey, or Mint Tea but without aroma, and exclusive recipes such as Pu er Tonka, Tea 4 Kids, or Qimen Kao.

Ask for samples.

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