Rose Nepal
Rose Nepal
Rose Nepal

Rose Nepal

White tea from Nepal & rosebuds

The discovery of this Nepalese white tea with its beautiful silver hues was decisive in my research on rose tea. By accentuating its naturally floral facet with rosebuds, we get a rosewater spirit and the velvety, enveloping texture of white tea.

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Kir Imperial and Rose Nepal

Following the example of the famous Kir Royal, here is a revisited version by replacing the blackcurrant cream by a tea syrup. The elegance of the Champagne blends perfectly with the sweetness of a lightly scented white tea. Here is an interpretation with the white tea Rose Nepal with velvety notes and pink flowers.

Tea used : white tea Rose Nepal

Cold cocktail with alcohol

Served in : a glass or a champagne flute

Ingredients for several cocktails

  • 20 g of white tea Rose Nepal
  • 50 cl of cane sugar syrup
  • 1 bottle of Champagne brut blanc de blancs for the freshness and liveliness of the Chardonnay 

Preparation of the tea : in maceration

Cane sugar syrup

20 g of Nepal Rose white tea for 50 cl of cane sugar syrup

Infusion time 1 night at room temperature

Filter and keep in a cool place

Can be kept several days in the refrigerator 

Pour a drizzle of tea syrup in the glass, and add the Champagne.

Garnish with a few rosebuds.

  • 80°C

  • 5 min

  • all day & afternoon


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