Poêlon torréfacteur horoku
Poêlon torréfacteur horoku

Poêlon torréfacteur horoku

This accessory that comes straight from Japan allows you to roast your own tea. Its Japanese name is horoku or hoji-ki. The tea once roasted is hojicha, from hoji, roast, and cha, tea.

It is very easy to use on gas, electric plate and even induction with the necessary support for the latter.

In 3 minutes, you will have your home roasted tea ready to pour into your teapot.

Watch the video for instructions. To your pans !

To practice, you can opt for the Roaster's Set including the pan and teas.

Find the Selection of roasted teas and plants to understand what roasting brings and the variety of teas and plants that are roasted.

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