Black tea Les Landes Vivantes
Black tea Les Landes Vivantes

Black tea Les Landes Vivantes

Black tea, Loire Atlantique

This black tea from the Cui Lü cultivar was produced this fall by Thomas Bernardi who created the Ferme des Landes Vivantes in 2019. Located in the commune of Treffieux in Loire Atlantique, the farm includes some 5,000 tea plants which flourish on the loamy soils of the Loire benefiting from the mild oceanic climate, the ocean being only 70km from the farm.

There are tea plants there of course, but also fruit trees and Sichuan pepper trees. It is also an educational adventure that Thomas offers with the opening of the farm from May to October for visits, workshops and events around the tea growing and food gardening.

In the cup, it is a tea with soft tannins with woody and slightly fruity notes in the dark amber liquor, all round and velvety.

Prefer a preparation with gong fu cha , leaving 2-3 min during the first passage of water, then extend the time by 1-2 min over the passages.

Harvest date: October 3, 2023

Cultivar: Cui Lü

Very limited quantity!

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