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Writing of a bying guide on the topic  "Every time its tea" Notre Temps n°491 -  november 2010
Writing about tea cooking with an example of a recipe : click here to read the french article in line La Nouvelle Presse du Thé n°6 of the 2010/11/18
With the Teabox published by Lamartiniere Style in October, 2010, I suggest you go on the road where the tea culture and the tea history are combined to make us dream beyond. This is the result of a collaboration with the label of world music Metis Records who has a talent for listening to world...
Each month, the blog Fureur des Vivres presents a culinary topic. For january 2009, the FDV number 13 was about "smoked"... Click here to read in french the article "thé + fumé = thé fumé"
Wrtiting of a file "Tea sits at table" : a complet article with recipes and tea and food pairing Régal n°21 february-march 2008
...Le Régime Thé author Anne Dufour, Leduc.s publisher, published in january 2009
Writing of a file  "Tea as a trendy spice", and tea and food pairing on all the recipes of the magazine parallel to wine and food pairing Saveurs n°166 of february-march 2009
Mali, along the Niger River Saveurs n°149 of august-september 2006
The demading and generous nature of the tea plant Ingénieurs de la Vie n°474 jan/feb/march 2006
Production and interviews :  Lydia Gautier Supervise production : Judith d'Astier Broadcasted the 27th of november 2001 Length : 1h23mn The tea-plant, drinks ... - is at the heart of Japanese culture. Arrived on the Japanese archipelago in the twelfth century, "Camellia" took a...

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