Pu er cru Sheng de Jingmai jeunes arbres
Pu er cru Sheng de Jingmai jeunes arbres

Pu er cru Sheng de Jingmai jeunes arbres

Dark tea, China

This raw pu er or sheng cha tea comes from the southern part of Pu er County on the border of Xishuangbanna, the southernmost pu er region of Yunnan Province. It comes from an ecological garden of tea bushes less than 70 years old that a young couple, Yubai and William, cultivate in the heart of the Jingmai Mountains, or Jingmaishan, part of the famous pu er tea terroirs. Their artisanal knowledge, their sustainable management in the spirit of natural wines, and the complementary nature of their couple really seduced me.

Its dry leaves are twisted of medium size with green reflections. Its liquor is clear, developing silky tannins in the mouth, vegetal and zesty notes, all in freshness. Lighter, it will be complementary to the Pu er cru Sheng de Jingmai vieux arbres, also produced by Yubai and William. Both illustrate well the notion of young and old tea trees present in tea as in wine.

A tea for aging par excellence which will only improve with the passing of years!

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Yubai and William Osmont

  • Yunnan - Xishuangbanna