wooden box
wooden box

wooden box

Our box is made of solid oak and made in France. It is composed of 9 boxes and sold empty, you can put 6 bags per box.

You can choose the number of sachets you want to put there among our 9 references:

  1. Organic White Jasmine - The delicacy of white tea from Nepal supported by Chinese jasmine green tea and a hint of rose petals.
  2. Organic Kukicha - This spring green tea from Japan with vegetal and marine notes has a thirst-quenching effect.
  3. Morocco Spirit - A green tea from China called gunpowder with woody notes and a generous amount of sweet mint leaves called nanah.
  4. T Revive Bio - Best seller of well-being, it combines the freshness of Japanese green tea, the zest of lemongrass and the pep of ginger.
  5. All Day T - A 'Pure Ceylon Single Estate' black tea rich in buds to drink throughout the day with or without milk.
  6. Comte Gray Bio - I revisit the famous Earl Gray with a black tea from Nepal and an essential oil of organic bergamot.
  7. Indian Mood - An evocation of the traditional masala chaï, Indian tea enriched with spices from Ayurvedic medicine: there is a warm Assam tea, spices and the famous Japanese citrus fruit, yuzu.
  8. T Relax Bio - For a moment of serenity, this honeyed and zesty herbal tea reflects the balance between linden flowers, verbena leaves and chamomile flower heads.
  9. Granotcha Bio - From the unique alliance of organic buckwheat and barley produced and roasted in Brittany, results this infusion of seeds with a gourmet sensation.
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