French box 2024
French box 2024
French box 2024

French box 2024

This 100% French tea box is a tasty stroll through the tea colors of our French terroirs. For teas, these are the spring harvests of this year 2024. For herbal teas, two exclusive creations. To your cups!

It includes 3 teas in single doses of 7g:

  • Trévarez green tea - Ilgora Herriko Tea (Northern Basque Country - Pyrenees)
  • White tea Thés Pyrénées - Terrasses de l'Arrieulat (Bigorre - Pyrenees)
  • Kemper black tea - Les Landes Vivantes (Loire Atlantique)

It includes 2 herbal teas in a 50g doypack:

  • Granotcha: roasted barley and buckwheat from Brittany
  • Woodstock T: verbena and Atlantic hemp

Attention ! Very limited quantity!

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