Genmaicha Kagoshima
Genmaicha Kagoshima

Genmaicha Kagoshima

Japanese sencha green tea & roasted rice

Originally consumed by the Japanese poor classes, rice being cheaper than tea at the time, genmaicha is currently a very popular tea in Japan drunk iced or served hot with meals. It is a mixture of toasted rice with either spring sencha (for superior qualities), which is the case for this vintage, or a summer or autumn tea called bancha, with larger leaves located under those harvested. to make sencha . Its bouquet combines the fresh vegetal notes of tea and the roasted “rice cake” notes of toasted rice grains. Sometimes a little popcorn-like puffed rice can be added. This vintage includes grilled rice from Hokkaido, a 100% Japanese recipe!

You can play around with the preparation temperature: to bring out the freshness and softness of the sencha, use water at 80°C, to bring out the toasted cereal side of the rice, use water at 90°C

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  • 80°C

  • 4 min

  • morning & all day