Les feuilles de thé, 10 façons de les préparer

Les feuilles de thé, 10 façons de les préparer

Drinking and eating tea, or how to enjoy the same plant twice!

The precious tea leaves all come from the same tree, the Camellia sinensis, cultivated with the greatest care by the producers. Reflecting the gastronomy of the region and the know-how, they deserve a second life. After a first infusion that will be drunk, we will cook and eat the leaves, more or less big, with more or less soft textures, remaining in the teapot. Their scents and flavors can still sublimate our savory or sweet recipes. Eating tea leaves, like plants or seaweed, is a return to the roots, to the origin in a way...

by Joëlle Danies and Lydia Gautier, les éditions de l'épure, December 2021

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