Pu er sombre Shu de Lincang
Pu er sombre Shu de Lincang

Pu er sombre Shu de Lincang

Dark tea, China

This type of dark pu er called shu or ripe was invented in the 1970s by Chinese factories to meet a demand from Hong Kong where it was customary to drink pu er sheng ripened in wet storage and lacking a growing population. It is a factory tea from the Lincang region in Yunnan Province that has undergone the wo dui (wet heap) process allowing for accelerated fermentation of the tea. It is also, like many French people, the first type of pu er that I knew in the 1980's with my grandmother who drank tuo cha that was found in supermarkets reputed to help to have a wasp waist! I selected it for its velvety and slightly acid texture and its oak moss and humus bouquet. To discover or rediscover illustrating an important historical facet of pu er.

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