Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Anaiza"
Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Anaiza"
Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Anaiza"

Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Anaiza"

Cyan tea (or wulong), Taiwan

This tea comes from a small ecological garden located at an altitude of 1,000m in the Ali Shan - or Ali Mountains - in the center of the island of Taiwan as the Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Mimo", the Ali Shan Cha Red "Yunghu" and the Ali Shan Cha White "Nano".

This wulong is part of the large family of Taiwan mountain teas known as Gao Shan Cha. In her village where a large Tsou indigenous community lives, producer Silvia Vayiyana works her Ali Shan Wulong "Anaiza" tea (which is similar to a PDO) so that it improves with age by subjecting it to a gentle roasting . She nicknamed it "Anaiza" which in Tsou means conviviality, sharing, a real welcome tea when you arrive in her village. Very sweet, very greedy, it has a vegetal and slightly flowery freshness, then a sweet vanilla base.

To understand what a more or less thorough roasting brings to this type of wulong, it is interesting to taste it together with the Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Mimo" to further roasting.

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Silvia Vayiyana

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