Guizhou Long Jing 43
Guizhou Long Jing 43

Guizhou Long Jing 43

Green tea, China

This vintage comes from the Guizhou Province, a sloping and isolated region in the heart of the mountains of South-West China which is the new El Dorado of tea. This tea comes from the famous cultivar Long Jing #43 which is one of the cultivars used in the PDO Long Jing from Zhejiang, and it was manufactured in the manner of a Long Jing, that is to say worked in a wok to reveal soft, fresh vegetal and delicious chestnut notes. It was sourced by Teasane by Katrin Rougeventre, which specializes in sourcing exceptional teas from China, and I am very happy to distribute this original vintage due to its provenance and very high quality.

It is interesting to compare to Xihu Long Jing from Zhejiang which comes from this same cultivar established in its appellation of origin “Long Jing Cha from Zhejiang”.

April 2023 harvest

Be careful! Limited quantity!

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