Zhejiang Xihu Long Jing
Zhejiang Xihu Long Jing
Zhejiang Xihu Long Jing

Zhejiang Xihu Long Jing

Green tea, China

Long Jing means Well of the Dragon, the legend says that the inhabitants of the current village of Long Jing found a stone in the shape of a dragon under which was a source. This cru comes from a small family farm located in the heart of the "Long Jing Cha" appellation, which has been recognized as AOP since 2011. The appellation includes 3 growing regions: Xihu, Qiantang and Yuezhou. This tea comes from the village of Longwu located in the region of Xihu manufactured by Mr. Huang, it comes from cultivar #43. Its spring harvest gives it velvety aromatic cooked vegetable notes, a slight astringency, with a beautiful complexity on the palate evolving towards chestnut notes typical of this appellation.

It is interesting to compare it to Guizhou Long Jing 43 which comes from this same cultivar planted in another Chinese Province and worked in the Long Jing way of the PDO.

April 2023 harvest

Limited quantity !

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