International Tea Day

May 21st is International Tea Day! This day aims to highlight the producers who, we can never remind it enough, play a role both in the cultivation of tea, but also in its processing.

This day was created at the initiative of the producing countries to revalue the work of the millions of farmers invested in this sector. Celebrated for the first time on December 15, 2005 in New Delhi, India, it aims to assert the rights of plantation workers and small producers, to raise awareness of the industry, and to promote the tea trade.

60% of the world's tea production is based on the work of smallholders. Tea is currently produced in about 50 countries and supports more than 13 million people. The four main producers, which concentrate 75% of the world production, are China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Tea is consumed on all five continents, each country having ritualized it in its own way. For the record, the English consume 2 kg of tea per capita per year, the Chinese 600 g per capita per year and the French 200 g per capita per year. The challenges of the tea industry, like many other agricultural industries today, are those of the conservation of the land and the fair distribution of the products.

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