Ali Shan Cha White "Nano"
Ali Shan Cha White "Nano"

Ali Shan Cha White "Nano"

White tea, Taiwan
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Always very creative, producer Silvia Vayiyana lets part of her tea harvest dry on bamboo racks. The slightly oxidized leaves then take on a green-bronze hue. Some are bitten by the famous insect Jacobiasca formosana which gives them a vanilla taste. This refining softens the tannins and develops a fruity, vanilla and light bouquet! This tea is a 2016 vintage, Silvia does not produce it every year. Being of Tsou indigenous origin, she nicknamed it "Nano" which means special, because few producers in her region make this type of tea with the Chin Shin cultivar mainly dedicated to wulong.

This tea comes from the same ecological garden located in Mount Ali or Ali Shan, as the Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Anaiza", the Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Mimo" and the Ali Shan Cha Red "Yunghu".

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Silvia Vayiyana