Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Mimo"
Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Mimo"

Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Mimo"

Cyan tea (or wulong), Taiwan
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This tea comes from a small ecological garden located at an altitude of 1,000 m in the Ali Shan - or Ali Mountains - in the center of the island of Taiwan.

This wulong is part of the large family of mountain teas from Taiwan called Gao Shan Cha. In her village where a large Tsou indigenous community lives, producer Silvia Vayiyana works her Ali Shan Wulong "Mimo" tea (which is similar to a PDO) so that it improves with age having undergone medium roasting. “Mimo” simply means to drink in Tsou. In the cup, it develops a very aromatic bouquet of fresh vegetal, exotic fruits with a woody background.

To understand what a more or less thorough roasting brings to this type of wulong, it is interesting to taste it in conjunction with the lighter roasted Ali Shan Cha Wulong "Anaiza" .

And if you want to discover other Silvia wines, taste the Ali Shan Cha Red “Yunghu” and the Ali Shan Cha White “Nano”

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